And then it`s officially open my fav season of the year, Autumn/ Winter/ December. I won’t lie for you that i am way beyond happy that I could give the back my summer pieces and could bring back to my lovelies (coat) “gimme gimme all!” I LOVE to wear as many layers as I can to feel cosy, warm but at the same time I be feeling the breeze and speaking of coat? if you are like me and do not have so many coats it is time to run to Penneys “OH MY GOSH” I have been in love with a Zara coat for such a long time but obviously I did not buy for 2 reason: expensive as hell and didn’t fit me Zara always being Zara. BUT I went to stroll around Primark and gurl, I have just found the most beautiful Teddy like coat minus 3 times the price. I am so glad and happy! I am pretty sure that you will be feeling it check this post til the end.

While I was at the store adding a new few things to my A/W wardrobe I did find a beret that actually fits in my head – yes there is a pro in afro hair – and this pair of black jeans. As I think you know jeans trouser is not my cup of tea once I feel smaller than I already am but that one fit me as a glove and it is still a trend. I cannot even remember when the ripped jeans became a trend maybe it is the new camel coat, a trend for lifetime.

So no we don’t need to spend pretty much money to be fashionable and looking good. I have seen a huge change at Primark since I have moved to Ireland  5 years ago and thought all those years I am shocked how good is this new improving size. It is speechless the feeling of leave a store holding bags, smiling and satisfied. 


Outfit details:

Teddy coat, jeans, beret, bag – Primark // T shirt – Levis // Shoes – Vans


Kim Kardashian never goes out without be wearing a trend piece and most people like it, we could see it on all nude look and in their famous sandals but since last year The Kardashian`s sisters are wearing biker shorts to see if people approvals this clothe.

                                                     Biker Shorts: @prettylittlething

From gym to streetstyle Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin are also wearing it all the time.

It is a simple shorts and we can wear in so many ways as: jeans jacket, blazer, with another shorts. On the foot? Sneakers to heels. The quality? From lycra to jeans.

Are you not sure if is hot or not? Check my fav looks bellow

So, what is your opinion?

Today i attended my first Press Day in Dublin and i was so happy that my fav brand was the first which invited me to do it, River Island.

For Autumn Winter it has something for everyone, unique and directional trends lead the high street with touches of glam rock, vintage chic and street cool. Radiant fabrics and elaborate textures will wow day or night. Versatile and empower.


Nanny is calling ..

With vivid tones and monochomatic graphics. The vibrant colour palette of intense orange and bright blues are styled with sultry animal and chain prints. Oversized baker boy hats and earrings completing the collection.


Lots of prints and texture for AW18 bringing with it rich colours. Victoriana style shirts are reconstructed to add lace and mesh fabrics.


Denim is revived!  Whilst sportwear is given an upgrade to luxe desire with fur pom-poms and handle bags. A mix of textures and styles are the key to this trend


Ostentation is essential in this collection



People does not understand how a person from Brazil which was surrounded by beaches and sun can love a country like Ireland. But now i will show you my pros.



I cannot start this post without saying about my biggest love: Buy food! Supermarkets are really cheap and affordable. Everyone can buy organic fruits, dairy stuff, in Brazil to have this kind of diet you must be rich because is insanely expensive.


Once you cross the European board you will see how this feeling is amazing in so many ways. But lets talk about fashion, you can wear sequins midday and no one will stare you right? In Brazil if do not wear well people you stare at you from head to toe. You cannot be who you really are ( if you give a shit about what people think of you!)


There is nowhere 100% safe but the feeling of having a cash machine in the street is unbealiveble


In my opinion, all the ways brings to social equality and for those who never lived like that it is an amazingly shock. I will never forget that 4 years ago i was working in a company as cleaner and the boss helped me carrying the garbage plastic bag. This for me reached the highest level of social equality because shows that does not matter who you are or what you have, you are a human


I am just still living in Dublin because i have never felt so close of God how i feel here. How come? I will tell you now..

Everything that happens here, for us foreign, is really intense. I dont know if is because i am not in my natural habitat but it is like a roller coaster, lots of ups and downs and if you dont have a good mental you can get crazy, and this happened with me. At the certain time i get lost and i could not find myself in others and i just did it when i start my relationship with God that means when i finally found the absolute balance of the body, spirit and soul

” Ana, but i don`t like to go to church. What can i do now?” Just go into your room, turn your mobile off and then there will be your secret spot. The place where you will talk as He was your bf because He is. And when you get an intimate relationship with Him you will see that is like a drug because everyday you want to having more and more.

It is important to say that my life is not easier but the way i act and react facing my problems is 100% transformed and this can change everything because God wont fail you, He will provide your every need.

She does not fear bad news; she confidently trusts the Lord take care of her. Psalm 112:7

With love,


I know its been a long time but sorry not sorry i was in Brazil visiting my family and i was 100% connected with them. Yes, living abroad makes me value my family 100 times more and i cannot put it into words about this feeling. OK!, we talk everyday but we our surrounded by cold people in a cold country which it is not your culture and a different language is really tough, even tho I’ve been living in Ireland the past 4 years and a half i feel lost most of the time and this is really crazy because i found myself here…. in Ireland, but you know what is better? That does not matter what happens i know who stands for me and where i came from and i know they will always be waiting for me with open arms.

Speaking of family, in my 1st year with Christopher i could see that he did not get the connection at all between i and my family so then i invited him to go to Brazil because sometimes you have to feel to understand and this happened with him. Now he understands where i want to go because he saw where i came from, my background. Those 7 weeks was really intense for him because in Ireland people are not like that, they care about each other but do not show like us. That Brazilians are friendly no one can stand against.

Back to 2018, apart from checking with my parents that everything was okay i could go to my sis’s prom and it was M A G I C A L! I cried a lot because my baby is not a baby anymore now she is an Advertising Professional and i could not be more proud of her. I am pretty sure God has a brilliant way into her life and now i cant wait to her wedding or mine once the academic way is done! =)

And of course i had food poison, as always.. My stomach is European now sorry guys lol but i ate everything i wanted and a lot so ye of course the aftermath could not be different

Now the most important topic: Health, my health. If you follow me on Insta you know that the last 8 months i ve been working hard on it once in 2017 October my cholesterol was super high and since then i started my process at the gym and diet supervised by my coach. Eating real food in every meal, going to the gym mon to fri etc.

As you all know i just hate the way Irish people rule the Health System and then in Brazil i did all my blood exams and scans and MY HEALTH IS BETTER THAN EVER. My doctor was as surprise as myself.  So yes the way is really tough but the result it worth it. Now that my holidays are gone i will start it all again with a new coach and i will show yous it all.. Stay tuned!

Lots of love,