And then it`s officially open my fav season of the year, Autumn/ Winter/ December. I won’t lie for you that i am way beyond happy that I could give the back my summer pieces and could bring back to my lovelies (coat) “gimme gimme all!” I LOVE to wear as many layers as I can to feel cosy, warm but at the same time I be feeling the breeze and speaking of coat? if you are like me and do not have so many coats it is time to run to Penneys “OH MY GOSH” I have been in love with a Zara coat for such a long time but obviously I did not buy for 2 reason: expensive as hell and didn’t fit me Zara always being Zara. BUT I went to stroll around Primark and gurl, I have just found the most beautiful Teddy like coat minus 3 times the price. I am so glad and happy! I am pretty sure that you will be feeling it check this post til the end.

While I was at the store adding a new few things to my A/W wardrobe I did find a beret that actually fits in my head – yes there is a pro in afro hair – and this pair of black jeans. As I think you know jeans trouser is not my cup of tea once I feel smaller than I already am but that one fit me as a glove and it is still a trend. I cannot even remember when the ripped jeans became a trend maybe it is the new camel coat, a trend for lifetime.

So no we don’t need to spend pretty much money to be fashionable and looking good. I have seen a huge change at Primark since I have moved to Ireland  5 years ago and thought all those years I am shocked how good is this new improving size. It is speechless the feeling of leave a store holding bags, smiling and satisfied. 


Outfit details:

Teddy coat, jeans, beret, bag – Primark // T shirt – Levis // Shoes – Vans



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